March 17, 2009

Ultra Music Festival website (unintentionally) offering free MP3 downloads

    Recently I found that my 80GB iPod Video just wasn’t big enough for me after all. But if you have spare space on your iPod and you’re looking for some badass beats to fill that void, you came to the right place. The home page for this year’s Ultra Music Festival is inadvertently offering nearly 50 free MP3 downloads for those technically inclined enough to “hack” their embedded streaming music player.

    Ultra Music Festival 11, which by the way is being held March 27 and 28 in Bicentennial Park in Miami, FL, is looking to be one of the most amazing line-ups yet, with acts such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Infected Mushroom, all headlined by Prodigy. If you’re going, see you there.

    But if you can’t make it this year, or if you just came for the free MP3 downloads, go to town. In case you’re wondering how we figured out these songs could be downloaded, check out this tutorial on hacking streaming Flash media. Get ’em while they’re hot!

    Available Downloads

    Note to RIAA thugs: in no way is hosting or distributing these MP3 files. All responsibility for making these files available is solely on the administrators of “”, where these files are hosted and streamed freely via the publicly accessible URLs listed above.

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    March 8, 2009

    Hot wings from hell

    Once you and I talked about what hell is, but only now do I know.

    Hell is sitting in an important meeting at an investment bank, being asked important questions about subprime mortgage exposure, but only being able to think of the “suicidal” hot wings you ate last night.  Try not to think about it — it’s no use.

    The beads of sweat were running down my forehead.  The suicidal hot wing sauce was a thick heavy oil, infused with fire itself.  Not particularly easy on the mouth, it becomes even more aggressive in situ.  I lost focus on the meeting as the greasy irritant suddenly and without warning hit some spot inside me that drove my body mad.  I should have seen this coming, except that I still can’t see much of anything since there must have been sauce residue on my hands when I adjusted my contact lenses this morning — couldn’t even keep them in my eyes.  Excuse yourself.  Run.  To the bathroom — quickly.  Oh no, you have to speak next.  Just try to sit still.  Sit still through the horrible feeling.

    And people wonder why our financial system is in crisis.

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