August 21, 2006


This is an example of a sheer madness.

An unabashed stream of steam, hot from the pot in the spot. A spinning turbine, both energized, spinning freely, and stationary, fixed in one location. An unanswered ringing rotary telephone with an old, cracked, but still resilient bakelite shell. A dime jammed in a payphone coin chute.

This is an example of fear’s madness.

You think we can just sit here and wait for the proof? If we don’t go and put a stop to this, the proof will come as a mushroom cloud, do you want that? What kind of patriot are you? Are you one of them or one of us? And just why do you need so much privacy unless you’re up to something? Choosy kids choose Jif, damnit — and with a coalition of the willing we will march into the supermarket and free the Jif Peanut Butter, and let the beacon of democracy burn bright as we eat what it has to offer.

This is an example of sheer bad dress.

Black pants, blue shirt, white shoes. Who does that?! Interrobang?!

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  1. Since it seems like you dont like Giuliani, you should check this out, funny as hell!

    Comment by james resinquist — January 9, 2008 @ 7:40 am

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