October 22, 2009

RoadRunner DNS Hijacking Hits a New Low

Seriously, you’re not even trying to be helpful. This is just wrong. This is not at all doctored, see for yourself how bad RoadRunner “Website Suggestion” search results are.

RoadRunner DNS Hijacking

RoadRunner DNS Hijacking

There is no excuse for this. They claim the results are powered by Yahoo!, but the real Yahoo! search results are not nearly as irrelevant for the same search terms. For users running at 1024×768, all links above the fold are sponsored links. But even the ranking of the organic results are suspect. But to boot, another five sponsored links appear below the results. This “service” is enabled by default for RoadRunner subscribers. The opt-out process is simple enough, but forcing this on unsuspecting users its unconscionable. One has to wonder, based on these website suggestions, if RoadRunner is in fact at all interested in providing relevant suggestions, or if they are misrepresenting the service as helpful when they are knowingly providing all sponsored results and presenting them as organic.

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