December 5, 2008

Party of the Angry Naked Man

We were hanging out in my room. We sat around smoking killing time, when I stood up and realized I was completely undressed. I stood there and cracked a few jokes without attempting to cover myself up at all. Chris left to go somewhere, but left Dustin behind, although she left the immediate area as well. I must have put some clothes on, because before I knew it, the doorbell rang and I was answering it.

On the other side of the door was my dead maternal Grandfather, the way that he looked when he was healthy. He gave me a hug and said he was back. Every sensation about him was right, down to the smell of White Owl cigar smoke on his clothes. I called for my brother, “There’s someone here you should see,” and he came down the stairs as I ran up. I was angry, yelling about how I didn’t believe it was really him. No one wanted to be around me because I was so angry.

My Grandfather had brought with him a young cousin of mine. As I was sitting in my room, at my computer, still venting frustration, I noticed that Dustin was keeping my cousin entertained by playing some kind of game. Her and my cousin walked into my room, although my cousin was covered so no one could see the costume. I mistakenly complimented the covering, to which she replied if I liked that, to just wait. She removed the covering to reveal my cousin in a well-tailored skull outfit.

My brother walked back up the stairs, and had one of his band mates with him. He introduced us, but his friend proceeded to pass out on my bed. “Make yourself at home!” I blurted sarcastically. I warned him that I would probably steal the comforter from off him while he slept. At that moment, I realized that there was not only a party downstairs, but that it had gotten completely out of control. I looked at the clock, which said it was almost 3am. So I started telling all my brothers friends to leave. Naturally no one was happy about this. I watched people stream out of the house into the front and back yards. People in the front yard were getting into vans, cars, and even a limo that lined my street. My back yard was being torn up by the mob. Someone had apparently found money in the backyard somehow, so people were digging holes in the grass in search of more.

Despite the flood of people in the streets heading to their cars, cars were actually arriving. When I opened the front door, Melanie C and Meghan R were there, both drunk, wanting to join the party. I told them the party was over, but they came in anyway. When I insisted they leave, they said they couldn’t drive because they were drunk. Somehow, they convinced Dustin to drive them home in a van which I suppose belonged to them. Another car arrived, Chris was back, this time with Justin S, Danny D, and some other people I hadn’t seen for a while. I also told them that the party was over. Justin gave me a hard time and also insisted that I show him how the party had ended. I walked him inside for a moment and he grudgingly accepted that the party had ended. I shuffled everyone back down the steps, as I heard people making comments about how I deserved to get my ass kicked for ending the party. I walked into the guest bedroom facing the front of our house, and watched as the crowd continued to disperse, albeit slowly and sloppily. I realized I didn’t say goodbye and watched as everyone left and I was alone again.

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