November 4, 2008

Infidelity of the Ferroconcrete Femme Fatale

Wasn’t it just perfect?
That the doors were left unlocked to this utility room
I guess sparks just fly / when you and I / contact eyes
Imagine just you and me / producing all this place’s electricity?

I didn’t forget / but can’t you?
Could he ever love you / like I do?
We’re almost caught, and we don’t belong here
So when that stranger sees us, run

Even here, when you run, I can’t keep that pace
Even in dreams, you’re the most beautiful thing in this place

I must have missed that part where we discussed
How we trust / in the strength of water and concrete dust
You’re hotter than quicklime, and you’re burning me
Hell is life without you for eternity

Don’t you like letting our bodies explore?
Isn’t this great / don’t you just love the decor?
Condensate pipes, exposed wires, and a concrete floor
You, I’d dream anything for

“Have you seen her? She’s tough to miss
If you should find her, tell her that I need her kiss”
When I finally find you / now who’s that right behind you?
Curse the daylight that takes you from me

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