November 7, 2007

Liquid LSD Home Page

Liquid LSD has produced shitty techno since discovering sound recorder in Windows 98, when he produced “The Telephone Song”, an amateurish mashup of telephone system messages and electronic beats. Later, he discovered Rebirth and produced “Marijuana” within the 15 minute trial period of the demo program. Dubbing himself Nitrous Oxide, he downloaded Fruityloops 3 and produced a series of unremarkable works. The release of FL Studio 6 and 7 improved his songs dramatically. The one thing in his way was his name: Nitrous Oxide. Realizing that not only would he not be able to buy “”, he would be buried under tons of search results for legitimate nitrous oxide suppliers. Figuring LSD was going to continue to be banned in the U.S. for some time to come, he selected his new moniker: Liquid LSD, named partly in homage to Liquid Todd, the 92.3 K-rock DJ that spurred his interest in electronic music.

Liquid LSD is a one man show and does not do live performances. If you like the music, great, rock out with your cock out. If you don’t, move on and find something you like. For Liquid LSD, the music is purely expressive. He likes high-energy dope beats and hopes you do too.

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