December 9, 2006

Midnight Mountain Montage

I was at a mountain resort.  From the outside the building was five stories tall, painted white, and shaped like a circle.  Inside the walls were all white but I wouldn’t have guessed that the building was shaped like a circle.  My room was on the second or third floor.  I was with a friend, and we were done snowboarding for the day, so we went into the hotel to have drinks.  We were mingling with other guests, but I didn’t get along with them well.  They were well-to-do, and I’m not.  I left the party and went to walk around.  I walked up the stairwell to the fifth floor.  There was a window with light poring through, and I walked to the window to look out.  Next to me was an elevator shaft with its doors ajar.  The elevator was one floor below.  I noticed however that there was a quarter inch thick ball-chain hanging down into the shaft, draped over a pulley at the top of the shaft.  I tugged one end of the ball chain, and the other end pulled upwards easily.  When I let go, the other end started to drop, so I must have disengaged some kind of clutch by tugging the rope (like window blinds).  I couldn’t get the other end to stop dropping, so I eventually just let it go.  Then a blonde lady from the fourth floor ran up and asked what I did to her laundry.  I said I didn’t know what I did to make that happened, but she said I owed her.  She was being friendly about it.  Shortly after this I went to check out of the hotel.  I ran outside with my snowboard, down a set of about five wooden stairs, over some verunda about thirty feet, and back up another set of five or six wooden stairs.  There was a road covered in snow here.  I set my snowboard down in the middle of the street, and ran back into the building to get the rest of my belongings.

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