January 13, 2007

Nuanced New York New Year

This New Year’s party was like no other I remember. No one I knew was there, but everyone’s face was familiar to me. Some of their voices sounded an awful lot like my friends and family. The party wasn’t going well, it seemed. In fact it didn’t seem like much of a party at all. The mood turned angry and then everybody was mad at me. What I had done was unknown to me, but as the crowd became angry, I became angry in defense. I noticed that someone had disassembled my rollerblades. The bolts and ball bearings were scattered around haphazardly. I left the party, but was unable to find my keys or my car. I started to walk instead, off into the sunrise.

In front of me then was the rushing water of a stream or river after a hard rain. The otherwise beautiful postcard scene of this watershed was disrupted by floating orange and white plastic barrels partially submerged in the water. They were labeled as though they were some type of hazard, but I couldn’t decipher their contents. It occurred to me that these barrels could be linked together because of their peculiar square-like shape. Before long, a series of them were linked together forming a tiled floating dock over the majority of the water, still running below.

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