November 8, 2007

PSA – Don’t Sleep With Those Guys

Part 1 of 2 in a very special investigative report on douche bags.

Voiceover: The following is a public service announcement from Aural Salvation.

There is a plague that affects us all. Douchebags, running wild, committing “douchebaggery”. And probably date rape. We’re talking about “those guys”. Take for example Lee Hottie, and his brother John Hottie.

The Hottie brother’s douchebaggery transcends gayness, as even Boy George would would yell “fag” at them from a passing vehicle. They are what the Germans would call “das ubergeigh”. Their numbers are only getting stronger. Like the gallons of hair gel and bottles of orange tan they sexually abuse nightly, this plague is spreading. But ladies, you can help. Stop fucking those guys. They’re easy to spot, and even easier to avoid. With no one left to sleep with, and no one left to breed with, you too can wipe out this plague.

Unfortunately none of those guys were harmed during the making of this PSA.

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