January 12, 2008

Mr 911 – The Giuliani Anthem

When we posted Giulani’s mayoral ad, we didn’t think it would be such a hit. James left a comment pointing us to this gem, all about Mr. 911 himself, Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani. Please don’t vote for this toolbag.

Chorus: Mister 911-911-911-911-911-911-911-911

Do you want a man for president who really stands his ground?
Who profits from a chorus line in every coast and town?
Make $9.11 million as he toured the country round
So shout it from the mountain top or from the burial mound

Do you want a well connected man who knows the inside job?
His uncle and his father were made men within the mob
His police commissioner did too, we sadly do regret
But good for him the public hasn’t seem to catch on yet

Chorus: Mister 911-911-911-911-911-911-911-911

Do you want a man extensively well versed with family?
His first wife was his cousin, straightening out his family tree
His second wife he broke up with on national TV
At least his third wife is right there, we make no guarantee

Do you want a man of passion who’s concerned with equal rights?
Who stands up like a man by day but goes by drag at night
Employs a child molester priest who is a longtime friend
And thinks illegal immigrants are worthwhile to defend

Chorus: Mister 911-911-911-911-911-911-911-911

Do you want a down to business man who knows the criminal brain?
His business pal Hank Asher smuggled kilos of cocaine
His campaign managers were charged with several felonies
He also has some business ties to terrorist countries

Do you like a man who without terror wouldn’t have a prayer?
So measure him against the others and when you compare
You cast your vote for 911, ignore the evening news
It’s up to you, it’s up to you, it’s strictly up to you

Chorus: Mister 911-911-911-911-911-911-911-911

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