December 11, 2006

Brutally Bashing Birds in Bathrooms

I was in the Nanuet Mall, but it was after hours so the mall was mostly empty.  I wandered around the open atrium and looked at some of the stores.  Eventually I went to leave.  Ascending from the first floor to the second, there was a glass-doored foyer seperating me from an exit, with one door propped open, and that door had a sign posted on it that read: “Do not use.”  Walking through the door, and through the big box department store behind the door, I eventually ended up outside.

That was when I was picked up in an older light blue OKA.  I hopped in and the car was driven by the shadow driver to the mountains.  Once we arrived we circled some interesting buildings and ended up on a path made of dirt.  Rains had fallen recently and the dirt road was reduced to a muddy puddle.  Racing around the mud roads, it became obvious that we were actually competing against other drivers and even people on foot running around this track as well.  I thought for sure that the OKA would get stuck but it didn’t; at one point it was brought to a full stop in inches thick soft mud but it was able to get going again very quickly.

Things took a more macabre turn as I became aware that there had been a horrible incident at my house.  We went there as fast as we could.  I ran into the house, and there were lots of people crowded around a bathroom.  There were children in the house, being shielded from the horrid sights that I too had yet to see.  There were police officers there investigating the crime scene in the bathroom, and I asked one, who I knew, if she could tell me what was going on.  She said I’d have to see for myself.  Looking into the bathroom, I lost my stomach, and lost myself in the scene.  The walls and floor were covered with blood, and birds feathers were scattered about as if a bird had exploded.  No one said that a person was what had left the blood, but then again no one had to.

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