December 12, 2006

With A Known Essential, Usual Predictability

I was at a very nicely built grocery store at the top of a hill, with white concrete and glass art deco architecture.  Walking to the exit of the store, I noticed a good looking young lady dressed brightly trying to sell something to people.  As I got near her, she started her sales pitch, and I moved slowly out the door as she shadowed me.  I couldn’t understand her words, but she didn’t seem to mind that I was distracted.  Finally outside standing at the curb, and looking out at this monumental grocery store, I confessed to the saleswoman, I was only walking slowly because my legs were asleep.

I later was at a marina on the Hudson River in the dead of winter.  The river wasn’t frozen, but the air was brisk and there was snow on land.  Two younger men were following me on a mission to walk around marina in the pitch black night with no flashlight.  We walked down a floating service dock, but were blocked because cars were parked on the dock, perpendicular to the way we wanted to travel.  The cars were covered, but appeared to be brand new cars.  They seemed out of place.  The whole affair was laced with a feeling of wrongness.  I decided to take a detour and walk down a set of one foot narrow dock segments.  As we walked down the floating dock, I couldn’t help but think about how the two men behind me had never been to this place, and they didn’t know I had ever worked there.  Lost in the thought, and coming back to the situation at hand, I realized I couldn’t see anything.  I immediately became disoriented and stopped.  The guys behind me bumped into me when I stopped, and it caused the coupling on our dock segments to break.  The docks tipped over and we were thrown into the river.  The water was cold, and the current was strong.

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