December 17, 2006

Impending Imperfect Pennies

While meeting with a history professor, I was given a hand full of pocket change.  It was immediately obvious I had just received more than just average pocket change, as I noticed the penny in my hands was in fact a steel penny.  The coin was tails-up in my hand, so I flipped it to check the date.  Oddly, this steel penny was not a typical 1943 war penny, it was from 1950.  I didn’t think any steel pennies were made in 1950.  Then I noticed this penny also had some superfluous metal that wasn’t properly removed by the circular cutting die.  My professor noticed this, and tried to grab the penny back from me, but I didn’t let him have it back.

I found my seat in the classroom. Sitting next to me was a girl named Lindsay.   I had never formally met Lindsay, but we had talked online before. I finally introduced myself and it was nice to meet her.  Before long, it was my turn to stand before the class and deliver my final presentation.  I stood up, ready to speak, when I remembered that I needed a compressed gas cylinder to perform part of the demonstration.  I didn’t have any gas cylinders with me, nor could I easily get one.  I spoke only for a few moments, before sitting down.

Later that night, thinking about that girl Lindsay, I went online.  But instead of her, some woman I had never met started messaging me.  She was thirty years old, but looked much younger.  I hoped that one day I could introduce myself to her as well.

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